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Seasonal and local produce
and drinks

Robin Wylde began life as a pop up restaurant in 2019 and after the opportunity arose for a permanent site, plans were made to turn what was once a pottery shop in Lyme Regis, into the new permanent home for Robin Wylde. A long awaited outcome from a planning application, months of setbacks (2020) were followed by an extensive refurbishment and we are now in the infancy stages of becoming an enduring fixture in the Lyme Regis dining scene. Our tasting menu reflects the many changes in season and we work with exceptional local food and drink suppliers, as well as taking advantage of the abundance of wild foods that grow along our coastline, hedgerows, moors and fields. Our menu more than ever is rooted in the world around us, as we forage daily to source a range of flavours and textures for our menu. We don't have a restaurant garden or access to a plot of land on which to grow, so we truly embrace the countryside around us, and as we learn and acquire more information, we document and catalogue as we gather, and experiment with what we find. Our love of our connection with nature and the world around us drives us to share this with you - in both its flavour and its other benefits. We believe in harnessing the power of nature, connecting with its potency and its exceptional range of impressions and nuances. We pick things when they are energetically in their prime, and work with these to create a unique snapshot of our area, to delight and surprise. We really do feel incredibly privileged to do what we do and share this with you - without running the risk of sounding too corny, it truly feels like a little bit of magic. 

We have a sister restaurant called Lilac Restaurant & Wine Bar just a few doors down. Click here to visit the website and subscribe to the newsletter for up to date information. 

Both restaurants made it into the Michelin guide, after just a few months of being open. May we continue to grow and develop ourselves, be the best we can be, and share with you a snapshot of our world. 

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